ike Rodericks
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Specializing in Portraits and Landscapes in Oils
Approximate Size Estimated Price
12" x 16" from $4,000
16" x 20" from $5,500
18" x 24" from $7,000
30" x 40" from $10,500
Approximate Size Estimated Price
Head and Shoulders from $3,500
Half Figure with Hands from $5,000
Three-Quarter Figure from $7,500
Full Figure from $10,000

A 1/3 deposit is due at the signing of the contract, and 1/3 at client's review of sketches.
The balance is due at delivery of painting.
Estimated prices do not include framing, shipping, and travel expenses.
Portrait fees are based on pose, size, and complexity.
Additional figures and detailed backgrounds are extra.
All oil paintings are on canvas.

Mike Rodericks
129 Lounsbury Road
Trumbull, CT  06611

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